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Understanding Medicare and your health care coverage options

Medicare is federal health insurance offered primarily to people over age 65 and individuals under 65 who have disabilities. As one of Florida’s oldest and largest health plan providers, we’re focused on providing personal attention to the people we serve. We can help you navigate through the complexities of your Medicare health care and prescription drug options. Our goal is to help you find the plan that’s right for you.

Let us help you make sense of your choices

We’re here to help make learning about your health care options as easy as possible. When you’re ready for Medicare. Everyone is different when it comes to health care and prescription drug coverage, and there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Discover how Medicare works and the Medicare coverage options available from Florida Blue.

Let us help you get the coverage you need

As a health solutions company, we’ve been committed to helping generations of Floridians understand their health care coverage options for more than 70 years, and helping Medicare beneficiaries for more than 25 years. We’ll help you evaluate your choices and explore our plans to see what makes the most sense for your needs.

Let us help you simplify Medicare

If you’re going to be 65 soon, or are Medicare-eligible due to a disability, we’ll help you make sure you have the right Medicare plan in place and make your health care future more secure.

Medicare is federal health insurance offered primarily to people age 65 and older and disabled individuals under the age of 65. Created in 1965, Medicare started with just two parts—Part A and Part B. Later on, additional parts—Part C and Part D—were added as the needs of Medicare beneficiaries changed.

It’s important to understand that Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not cover all of your medical expenses. Learn about other options that are available and why they may be right for you.

Part A

Hospital insurance for inpatient stays and more:
  • Usually there is no monthly premium for Part A coverage.
  • You pay a Part A deductible and coinsurance, which are out-of-pocket expenses, when you receive care. You are responsible for paying these expenses unless you have a separate health insurance plan to cover them.

Part B

Medicare insurance for doctor services and more:
  • Part B is optional coverage
  • You usually pay a Monthly Part B premium
  • For most services, you pay a calendar year Part B deductible and coinsurance unless you have insurance for those expenses

Part D

Medicare-approved prescription drug coverage:
  • Part D is sold only through private organizations, like insurers, that are contracted with Medicare.
  • Coverage can be purchased either as a “stand-alone” prescription drug plan (PDP) or may be included with a Part C Medicare Advantage plan. Plans that combine medical coverage and prescription drug coverage are called Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) plans.

Part C

Medicare Advantage:
  • Part C Medicare Advantage (MA) plans replace Original Medicare with coverage offered by private organizations, like insurers, that are contracted with Medicare.
  • These plans offer everything covered by Original Medicare Part A and Part B, plus they often include prescription drug coverage and coverage of certain services not paid by Original Medicare.
  • Premiums and deductibles vary by plan.

When (and how) to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B

So you’re going to be turning 65, the age when most people first become eligible for Medicare. Now what? Well, depending on your individual situation, you may or may not have to enroll in Medicare.

Most people age 65 and older who are citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. are eligible for Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) without paying a monthly plan premium. You’re eligible for free Medicare Part A if you are 65 and:

  • You receive or will be eligible for Social Security benefits.
  • Or you receive or will be eligible for Railroad Retirement benefits.
  • Or you or your spouse (living, deceased, or divorced) had employment where Medicare taxes were paid for 40 or more quarters.

If you do not fit into any of these categories, you can still get Medicare Part A by paying a monthly plan premium if you are a U.S. citizen or have been lawfully admitted to the U.S. and lived here for at least five years.

You are eligible for Medicare Part B (medical insurance) if you are eligible for Part A. Part B is optional and you usually will need to pay a premium based on your income.

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